Satellite Events

Schedule of Satellite Events

We are pleased to announce nine Satellite Events associated with LabPhon15.

  • Events will be held at Cornell University on Wednesday, July 13 and Sunday, July 17, immediately before and after the conference.
  • Each event has its own page, linked in the tables below.
  • A map of satellite event locations is available as a JPG.
  • If you are interested in participating in an event, please email the corresponding organizer.
  • We will post additional updates to the schedule as we receive them.
Satellite Events at LabPhon15: Wednesday, July 13
Time & Place Event Name Contact
9am - 4pm
PSB 401
Tools for Big Data in Laboratory Phonology Kathleen Currie Hall,
9am - 5:45pm
Rockefeller 122
Speech dynamics, social meaning, and phonological categories (co-scheduled w/ Dynamics and representation of turbulent sounds) Jonathan Harrington,
11am - 2pm
Rockefeller 122
Dynamics and representation of turbulent sounds Marzena Żygis,
9am - 1:30pm
Rockefeller 230
Exploring Speech Planning and Production in Children Katherine Demuth,
1pm - 5pm
Rockefeller 115
Reduction Benjamin V. Tucker,
Satellite Events at LabPhon15: Sunday, July 17
Time & Place Event Name Contact
9am - 5pm
Morrill 106
Personality in speech perception & production
 Daniela Müller,
9am - 12pm
Baker 135
Higher-order structure in speech variability:
phonetic/phonological covariation and talker adaptation
Meghan Clayards,
9am - 12pm
Baker 119
Holistic phonological representations and their use in
speech-language production and word learning
Marilyn Vihman,
9am - 12pm
Baker 219
Perspectives on Marginal Contrasts Kathleen Currie Hall,