Speech dynamics, social meaning, and phonological categories

Website: Speech dynamics, social meaning, and phonological categories

Event date: Wednesday, July 13; Rockefeller 122
Event length: 9am - 5:45pm

Jonathan Harrington, IPS-LMU, München, Germany jmh@phonetik.uni-muenchen.de
Gerry Docherty, Griffith U, Queensland, Australia
Paul Foulkes, U York, UK
Jane Stuart-Smith, Glasgow U, UK
This workshop explores how phonological categories, sociophonetic variation, and dynamic information in speech signals are inter-related. It focuses on the synergies between the cognitive representation of sociophonetic knowledge and models that map phonological categories onto vocal tract dynamics. The topic is important because it has become increasingly apparent that the learning and representation of sociophonetic knowledge is dependent on time-varying signals and also because of the need to develop new techniques for quantifying dynamic acoustic information in speech. With a strong focus on methodology, the workshop will bring together researchers from a range of backgrounds concerned with quantifying speech dynamics and with understanding how sociophonetic knowledge is cognitively represented.