Dynamics and Representation of Turbulent Sounds

Satellite Event: Dynamics and representation of turbulent sounds

Workshop Information and Schedule

Event date: Wednesday, July 13; Rockefeller 115
Event length: 11am - 2pm

Marzena Żygis, Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS) & Humboldt University, Berlin zygis@zas.gwz-berlin.de
Mary E. Beckman, Ohio State University 

The acoustics of turbulent sounds are notoriously difficult to model because of nonlinearities in the aerodynamic interactions between source and filter. These difficulties are compounded by the inherently dynamic characteristics of plosives, and evidence is mounting that sibilant fricative turbulence is also inherently dynamic. This workshop addresses the challenges of representing and modeling the production and perception dynamics of turbulent sounds, focusing especially on sibilant fricatives. Two short invited tutorial presentations will be followed by a dedicated poster session where audience members can interact in a more dynamic exchange with authors of submitted papers and then an extended discussion period.