Exploring Speech Planning and Production in Children

Satellite Event: Exploring Speech Planning and Production in Children

Workshop Program

Event date: Wednesday, July 13; Rockefeller 230
Event length: 4:30 hours (9am - 1:30pm)

Katherine Demuth, Macquarie University katherine.demuth@mq.edu.au
Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, MIT
Ivan Yuen, Macquarie University
Jill Thorson, Northeastern University
Models of human speech production developed over the past few decades have been shaped by a number of sources of information, including linguistic theory, observational studies and experimental studies of both typical and atypical adult speakers. But few studies have addressed the question of the developmental course of changes in the speech production process in children who are learning to talk. The goal of this workshop is therefore to bring together researchers working on models of speech production planning to explore methods suitable for testing hypotheses about the role of higher-level structure in these processes in both adults and children aged 2-12, with special focus on the development of speech planning mechanisms during the course of language acquisition.