Perspectives on Marginal Contrasts

Satellite Event: Perspectives on Marginal Contrasts

Workshop Schedule

Event date: Sunday, July 17; Baker Hall 219
Event length: 3 hours (9am - 12pm)

Kathleen Currie Hall (University of British Columbia)
Peggy Renwick (University of Georgia)
This workshop will address four global issues surrounding the phenomenon of marginal contrasts, i.e., phonological relations that are neither entirely phonemic nor entirely allophonic: (i) finding, investigating, and quantifying marginal contrasts; (ii) representations and consequences of marginal contrasts for synchronic phonological patterns; (iii) implications for diachronic phonological patterns; and (iv) consequences for production and perception. The workshop will include “big picture” talks that provide an overview of each topic, followed by guided discussion. The workshop is intended to bring together researchers who are addressing this phenomenon from a variety of perspectives and methodologies.